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In 2013, the Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW) was introduced. The SPW's stated intention is to create, maintain, and promote professional standards for Notaries Public who provide signing services in connection with the closing of a mortgage finance or real property transaction.1

While SPW has yet to authorize the training content JMT is providing, it is what we anticipate to be acceptable by SPW, and it is free of charge.
Also note, since SPW has not released exact specifications or guidelines, our training content is subject to change.
The E&O Insurance and Background Checks services we currently have available to signing professionals are both valid and meet SPWs announced guidelines.
JMT receives no income for E&O or background checks.

JMT suggests notaries get or update their E&O Insurance and Background Checks and take the training we are providing.
You may get E&O Insurance by clicking here: JMT E&O Insurance
You may get a valid Background Check by clicking here: JMT Background Checks

Purpose of the Standards

SPW has currently published five open Standards:

  • Specifications for an annual background screening
  • The Certified Signing Specialist Code of Conduct
  • A standardized written signing script
  • Specifications for an annual competency examination
  • Notary errors and omissions insurance with a defined limit of liability

The Standards shown above can also be found at

With these Standards in mind, JMT has prepared and established training material to offer to its notaries at no additional cost. These Standards will help the Signing Agent and JMT to meet regulatory compliance obligations and improve the client's experience at a loan signing. By meeting the SPW Standards and passing the training material we are offering, any JMT signing professional may become a SPW Certified Signing Specialist.

JMT Training

Please see below for an example of what a JMT Signing Agent will see when they login to the JMT Signer Portal and view their outstanding requirements.
Please note, this is just an example, all due dates shown and completion statuses are for illustrative purposes only.

Upon clicking the 'Take Training' link for a specific course, you will be greeted by a page similar to the image seen below:

The video lesson training is optional, so if you feel comfortable in your knowledge of the SPW Standards, you may take the Quiz only instead, however if you do choose to watch the video lesson, below is an example of what you will find:

When you feel you are ready to take the course Quiz, below is an example of what the Quiz will look like:

When you successfully pass the course Quiz, below is what you will find:
If you fail to pass the course Quiz, you will be prompted here to retake the Quiz instead until successful completion

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